Project Sunlight: UNILEVER

Project Sunlight: UNILEVER

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When faced with the challenges of the world today, it’s easy to feel frustrated, ineffective, and hopeless. ‘How can I possibly make a real difference?’

We believe that today, we actually live in a world of unprecedented possibilities, if we choose to see it that way. We believe strongly that with a positive outlook and a willingness to act, we are all capable of changing the storyline of the narrative we’re living in. That’s why our point of view, as a company, is that:

There’s never been a better time for us all to create a better future. 

Project Sunlight is a movement that has already started. It’s made up of a growing community of people who believe it is possible to build a world where everyone lives well and lives sustainably. Who recognise we can only achieve this if we all work together to do small actions every day that make a real difference. And who inspire others to join us in making this the way everyone chooses to live.


Script, Live Action Direction, Design, Animation, Video Editing, Music & Sound Design